Need your instrument, amp or electronic device repaired or serviced?  No problem – bring it in and we can give you a free evaluation and a reasonable idea or estimate of what it might cost to get it fixed. We also will never over charge you on the time used- in other words, we do not “round up”.  We will charge you exactly what amount of time was needed to do the job properly. In most cases, we often throw in some extras, or cut some of the repair time down.

Guitars – we do set ups, intonation, truss rod adjustments, fret level and dress, and all electronic and mechanical repairs on all electric as well as acoustic guitars.

Guitar, Bass, and PA Amplifiers – we repairs amps in house as well.  From general cleaning, tube testing, biasing and whatever other electronic components that need replacing.

Wind/Horn & Band Instrument Repairs –  we repair all wind and band instruments by our very own instructor Tim Jackson.  New and Old Instruments – Pricing is modest and his repairs are top notch.  Bring your instruments into the store to get repaired today!

All other instruments – We can repair just about anything, but if we need the assistance beyond our means, we have trusted local professionals that we use at no extra cost to you.

We also warranty our work as well, so it is done right the first time, and if there is a problem, we will take care of it.